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Drake Flight is a new Terran Republic EU Air Assault Outfit, forming up for PlanetSide 2.

We strike hard and fast, leaving a trail of burning wreckage in our wake. Our great mobility and reconnaissance ability allow us to pick and choose our fights, and make sure we always come out on top.

We welcome anyone to apply for membership, filtering only based on how well you do at supporting your fellow soldiers, and whether or not you behave in a way befitting of a member of the Republic.

See you in beta!


PlanetSide 2 Enters True Closed Beta

Khrusky, Aug 7, 12 7:30 AM.
PlanetSide 2 beta is go!

Yes that's right ladies and gentlemen, we'll soon be seeing a huge increase in the number of people playing the game, meaning better chances of getting in for those who aren't, and more allies, targets, and general epicosity for those who are lucky enough to get in!

John Smedley has confirmed that the beta has opened, and that the order will be:
  1. PlanetSide 1 subscribers (who should have been added to the beta yesterday!)
  2. PlanetSide 1 purchasers (where the game was purchased before early Monday (6th August) morning pacific time)
  3. Priority key holders (twitter, PCGamer UK & US are all together)
  4. General beta sign-ups

Hopefully this means that we'll all be in the game together soon steamrolling those blue and purple fools, but if you are without any kind of key, then remember this: if they're expanding the numbers to all those who have a PCGamer key (so hundreds of thousands of people), why not expand it rapidly to anyone who wants to join?

See you on Auraxis!

"Death is No Excuse" Trailer Released

Khrusky, Jul 26, 12 9:23 AM.
PlanetSide 2 now has its very own cinematic trailer!

While it's fair to say that the TR get short shrift in the video, the sense of narrative in it is stellar. At the very least we do get to see the NC get their comeuppance.

I'd say that another one of these trailers is highly unlikely, but the one thing we know for sure now is that SOE are not going to fall short on the advertising like last time; they're all-in now!

UPDATE: Cosmical, of PlanetSide-Universe's cosmic comics, has posted an updated, more Terran-friendly version of the video here.

TR Won Facebook

Khrusky, Jul 2, 12 8:54 AM.
It seems that the Terran Republic have captured the PlanetSide facebook page!
For our brethren's troubles we received the following screenshot:

Simple, yet effective.
Fight on, soldiers.

E3 Theatre Presentation

Khrusky, Jun 26, 12 6:51 AM.
A good, informative video has been posted on PlanetSide 2's YouTube channel. It gives us a recap of PlanetSide 2 generally, shows off some customisations, including ones we hadn't seen yet, and is generally a nice video to gawp at while longing for beta.

One new thing we learnt was that the engineer now carries the ammunition resupply packs instead of the light assault class. There was certainly a little complaint about how the LA class was unsuited for that equipment in the community generally, so it's yet another example of how the devs really do listen to what we're saying, for better or for worse.

Tech Plant Assault Trailer

Khrusky, Jun 19, 12 9:52 PM.
The PlanetSide 2 YouTube channel have released a new trailer, and it doesn't have Empires at War's voiceover!

This trailer contains an assault on a tech plant, including Galaxies landing assault troops, courtyard fights, and a sweet Mosquito squadron fly-by at the end. Oh, and naturally this is all accomplished so expediently by our fellow brothers of the republic .

Looking at the format of this video, it would seem sensible to assume that there'll be two more; one for the NC and one for the VS. The calibre of these trailers is higher than any we've seen yet, so even if we have to bear the barnies and smurfs as protagonists, more to come is still a good thing. Hopefully it'll stave off those beta cravings for at least a few more days.
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